Are you a new consignor who is having trouble figuring out why you aren't selling much at a seasonal consignment sale? Are you a stay at home mom trying to earn extra income? Are you a college student trying to put yourself through college with little to no debt?

Seasonal children's consignment sales are a growing trend across the United States and Canada. Seasonal sales are helping millions of families buy and sell gently used children's merchandise and stay within their budgets. These sales are highly organized and selective about the gently used merchandise they accept. And these events only happen a couple of times a year, which makes them highly anticipated!

But did you know there is a current trend in re-selling at these events? Many families are earning thousands of dollars per sale by buying merchandise to re-sell at these seasonal events. Let's face it, everyone wants a bargain, but not everybody likes to plot out a route and spend the day driving from yard sale to yard sale in hopes of finding items that may actually fit their kids. That's where we come in.

Consignamaniac™- The Ultimate Guide To Success for Resellers In The Seasonal Sale Industry is here to teach you the insiders secrets to making money and helping families through the seasonal children's consignment sale industry.